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Ladder Rules and Format

November 22, 2011

1) You have to be a club member to be allowed to be placed on this ladder.

2) A match will follow the following format; best 2 out of 3 sets, 7-point
tiebreaker for the 3rd if needed.

Challengers and Challengees

1) Challengers set up challenge matches to potentially move up spots on the ladder

2) Challengees have an obligation to accept challenge match requests within 48 hours of the

3) Both players are responsible for setting up the match time and the location

4) Matches should be played within a week once the challenge is accepted.

5) The challenger is responsible for providing a new unopened can of balls.

6) The challenger is responsible for court reservations if applicable.

7) Challengers are allowed to request challenge matches with those players within 3 spots
of the challenger’s current standing on the ladder. Similarly, challengees can only be
challenged by those players within 3 spots of their current standing. For example, a
player ranked 5th on the ladder can challenge players ranked 2nd, 3rd, and 4th; the 5th
ranked player may only be challenged by players ranked 6th, 7th, and 8th.

8 ) If a challengee beats the challenger, he/she has the option to not play the same person
until the challenger plays at least one other challenge match.

9) If the challenger wins the match, he/she will replace the person he/she beats.
For example, if player #5 (Edward) challenges #2 (Ben) and wins #5 takes the spot of #2 and #2 is moved down one spot, see below for the subsequent
changes in ladder.
#1 – Adrian      #1 – Adrian
#2 – Ben            #2 – Edward
#3 – Charles    #3 – Ben
#4 – Daniel      #4 – Charles
#5 – Edward #5 – Daniel

10) Players only have to play ONE match per week. If the player is not challenged,
or chooses not to challenge another player, he/she is not obligated to play that week. If a
player plays a challenge match and another request is made, the player has the option to
play or not to play this second match in the same week.

Cancelling matches and forfeits.

1. If a player must cancel a match, contact must be made with the other player at
least the day before the scheduled match. If contact is not made the day before or
earlier, the cancelling player will automatically forfeit the match.

2. Forfeited matches equal a loss. The ladder will be adjusted accordingly when
forfeits are made.

3. If a player forfeits twice (no contact is made, or contact is not made within the
specified time frame), the player will automatically drop to the lowest spot on the

Please report scores to for posting. The ladder will be updated on a weekly
basis to ensure accurate challenges for subsequent weeks. Contact lists will be
provided that will include all eligible players’ phone numbers and email addresses (if

New players.

1. Since we are constantly looking for new players, new additions will be
made to the ladder. The ladder will be expanded based on the number of players on the

a. New players will automatically be placed on the last ladder position.


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